Gina and her staff provides a wonderful, client centered program.  My mother thanks her daily for allowing her to come and she does not remember each day that she attends.  The food provided is client appropriate and nutritious.

The hours of operation are very accommodating meeting care givers’ needs to work, run errands and a break from care giving.  The staff is aware of care givers’ emotional status and is always will help in anyway possible. Not to mention the grant that is offered to all is AWESOME!!

I am very grateful that Riverside Park Adult Day provides such a great community program and appreciate any opportunities to support it’s continuation.

Barbara Hazelton

My 91 year old mother was a participant of Riverside Park Adult Day Care
from October 2013 through the early part of 2020. To say they were a
godsend is an understatement. I would not have been able to care for my
mother in our home without their help. My mother suffered from
Alzheimers/Dementia and eventually could not be left alone during the day
while I had to work to support myself. Their kindness, knowledge and
devotion to taking care of people is very apparent from the Director down
through the staff. They have managed to put together a team of people
that are not only patient and understanding for the participants, but also
for the family caregivers, relieving the added stress of who will look after
your loved one while you work. Make no mistake, this is not simply a
“babysitting” service. They are devoted to enriching the participants lives
through games both mental and physical, through music and singing, arts
and crafts and bible study all tailored to the participants age group. They
go the extra mile to make holidays and special occasions fun from special
meals and themes to dress up days for Halloween and Opening Day for
the Tigers. They have it down to a science while making it joyous and fun
for the participants.
When Covid 19 hit the world, they again stepped up. They instituted
rigorous cleaning protocols, social distancing of participants and
temperature checks for family caregivers and participants alike. They are
considered essential workers and were allowed to continue to help people
like me that could not do their job from home.
The director really worked with me and my last minute schedule changes
without a second thought as I sometimes had to change up my mom’s
schedule at daycare in order to accommodate my work or vacation
schedules. She also helped me find grant assistance to help offset the
cost of daycare.
It made me so happy to see how much they loved my mother and how
they considered us family. My trust in them is immense and was earned
time and time again. I can never thank them enough for making it possible
for me to take care of my mother on our terms.
Thank you Gina Schwemle, George Schwemle, Derek, Garrett and Pastor

Georgie Krogulecki

My name is Sandy Johnson, and I am married to a great guy, Jim Johnson.  He was diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer 11 years ago.  After being his caregiver for years I became very stressed out.  My family encouraged me to find a place I could take Jim for a few hours a day for a break.

I found Riverside Park Adult Day in Livonia.  They h been a blessing in our lives. Jim enjoys going there.  He looks forward to going to the club each day.  They play games and activities all day long.

Jim’s neurologist said that is one of the best things I can do for him, keep his brain stimulated. I was talking to someone about it and Jim spoke up and said, “And I have friends there!”

The people that work there are very caring and friendly. They treat all of us as family. Jim loves to sing. When they have karaoke, I was told Jim is king of karaoke!

I fell I am a better caregiver because of the breaks in my week that Riverside Park Adult Day provides.

Riverside Park Adult Day also provides a grant that makes this place even more afforable.

Sandy Johnson

Our Son, Mark, 46 attended the Riverside Adult Day Care Ministry for the last 7 months, Monday-Friday 10:00a.m.- 4 :00p.m.    Mark had suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Honestly, enrolling Mark into this club was definitely the best decision we had made for him. Mark made several very good friends, and the staff were the most compassionate, loving people and cared for Mark as if he was one of their own family members.  Every morning he would wake and up and wanted  to know if he was going to his ADM today. Yes of course, I would tell him. He was always so excited and could not wait to see what would be on the agenda for activities and the Lunch Menu for the day. He loved the homemade lunches and breakfast. Gina’s famous Breakfast McMuffin and SPAM and eggs (Mark said was the beat). The staff had planned activities each day, card games, puzzles to put together, ladder ball, dice games and pictures to color. Mark’s favorite was trivia which was so fun as his long-term memory was obviously not affected.

A few weeks ago his wife decided to placed Mark in a Nursery Home, whenever I go to visit Mark wants to know if he could please go back to Riverside Adult Day Care. He truly is missing the TLC he was receiving.

The staff (the staff call us family) has a scheduled Face Time call with Mark every Friday morning.  We are invited to come and be on the call as well.  Loved ones of the other members have taken the time to come be a part of the call.

I would just like to say that our family is very thankful and blessed that Mark had gotten the opportunity to have this wonderful experience with all your staff members. Thank you, Gina, George, Pastor Paul and staff so much!

Debbie, David and Family


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