Pricing & Grant

Our Rates

Service rates are charged per actual hours attended: 

              5 to 9 service hours per week           = $15.00/hour

              10 to 15 service hours per week      = $14.00/hour

              16 to 22 service hours per week      = $13.00/hour

              23 to 31 service hours per week      = $12.00/hour

              32 + service hours per week            = $10.00/hour

Payments are expected on a weekly basis.

 ~There is also a one time non-refundable registration fee of $25.00.

Optional for those attending during lunch, a healthy meal is provided for only $5.00/day.

Grant & Medicaid

The Riverside Park Church of God Adult Day Ministry qualifies for two types of grants offered through a business called The Information Center, located in Taylor, Michigan. Their mission, as stated on their  website, is to empower people with the ability to make informed choices by providing assistance, advocacy, information and access to public resources, community services and activities to facilitate independence, self-reliance and dignity.

How can this grant benefit you?                                                                          Depending on what grant option you qualify for, either part or all of the cost to attend our day care program may be underwritten by this grant. In order to qualify for #2, your loved one’s name and medical information will be submitted to the Information Center and must be updated every 90 days. The Info Center will then give Riverside Park Church of God Adult Day Ministry the approval to underwrite the hours. Information given will not be sold.



Annually we are allotted a certain amount of grant money whereupon we have the ability to offer a discount to our families who are enrolled in our program.  In order to make sure that funds are available throughout the year these discounts may vary week to week and will reflect as such on the invoice. If we see that the grant funds are going to run out before the year end, we will notify the families in advance for them to make changes as needed to their scheduled hours.



Medicaid Waiver option is for those who qualify due to a limited annual income. If this is something that you believe you may be able to qualify for, then you are to contact your case manager if you have one, or contact The Information Center (734-282-7171) directly and request a ‘Waiver  Intake’. If you qualify please tell them that your loved one is enrolling in Riverside Park Adult Day Ministry and they will contact us directly to get you set up.

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