COVID-19 Policy

Prevention Practices

Everyday preventive actions will be taken to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Social Distancing

Chairs and tables will be spaced out as much as possible, ideally 6 feet apart.  Tables will only have two members seated at a time across from each other.

Face Coverings                                                                                                        A face cover is not required for anyone who has trouble breathing, a medical condition that does not allow them to or is otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance. If you feel more comfortable wearing one you may.

Hand Washing/ Sanitizing                                                                                      Regular handwashing is part of part of our daily routine.

Following each activity staff and members hands are sanitized before beginning a new activity.

Hands will be sanitized before and after Morning Snack, Lunch and Afternoon Snack

Daily Screening

*A screening form will be filled out each day for all members, staff and volunteers in attendance each day.

Each day upon arrival to Riverside Park Church of God Adult Day Ministry, a designated staff member will greet members and his/ her caregiver at the main entrance doors. Before entering the building, everyone’s temperature will be taken and will be asked if they are currently experiencing the following:

Fever?                                                                                                                                             If member has a temperature lower than 100.4F (CDC Guidelines) they may enter the building and proceed to use hand sanitizer.

If members temperature is above 100.4F – Member will not be allowed in and ask to return when they have been fevering free 24hrs or more.

Cough? Yes/No                                                                                                                              If member has a cough staff will ask for explanation for the cough, allergies, asthma, COPD

Shortness of Breath? Yes/No                                                                                                      If member has shortness of breath staff will ask for further explanation, allergies, asthma, COPD

Have you been in close contact with any person in the last 14 days who is ill with cough and/or  fever or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19? Yes/No                                      If member has been in contact with someone that has a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, they be asked to return after a 14day quarantine period. This is to ensure the safety and well being of other members and staff. 


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